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I’ve just been out and it’s cold. ¬†It feels really cold.

It’s almost that time again I’m afraid ūüė¶


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My son’s old school head teacher got in touch

He saw the article about his recent exam results and was absolutely thrilled.

Remembered him with such fond memories actually and my daughter but then asked “How is he anyway what’s he up to when he’s not in class?”

My brain – “Thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”


About the two of us

via About the two of us

I like these two and think it’s amazing someone so young took on an 8-week old BC puppy and manged to singe handedly train, raise and turn out a dog like Breaha.

I also think it’s sad she doesn’t get much in the way of support or give herself credit for the job she’s done which very few people – even experienced owners, trainers and handlers struggle to manage.

Given that I posted a link to the mother of four children whose taken in four dogs and given them all up after they got over a couple of years old – and has another dog or two with her now; it seems odd that society would still choose that unhinged very unstable woman and unsafe home environment over a 18yr old girl just because one is very young and one is the mother of four children.

I would honestly leave my own dogs with 18yr old and if I had to place a dog with someone I would also make the 18yr old my first port of call.

Anyway meet these two ūüėÄ

When you look for one thing and find another..

Needed to go digging through my old document files and folders for some old reports and whatnot. ¬† You know how you see thumbnails and something makes you go “What… what’s that?” and you click it?

Had one of those could see it was what looked like a woman in a dress but had no idea what or who it was so clicked it.


I’ve been crying with laughter for over ten minutes. ¬†Remember my daughter sending this to me ages ago but I’d completely forgotten all about until I opened up that file.

Still not found those reports I needed but that’ll have to wait. ¬† I’m too busy with this now.

Does anyone know what happened with this complete pillock by any chance?

Someone linked to this article from back in 2012 during a discussion about rescues having excessive policing and some other shit and nonsense I can’t even be arsed with.

Does anyone happen to know what happened and if these purest of special snowflakes shot themselves right in the foot and lost both the dogs and their children?

In the nicest possible way she has a face you wouldn’t forget.

Shona Sibary with her rescue centre dogs Juno (left) and Albus (right). More than 126,176 dogs have been picked up by local authorities over the past 12 months, but she found rescue wardens patronising


Holy tits look what I just found??!

She’s all over the shop with articles about all sorts of¬†nonsense. ¬†A journalist that¬†worked¬†for the Daily Mail (moving swiftly on) and a right tit that just loves to be¬†provocative and awkward and look at me I’m speaking my mind and I don’t care!

I wouldn’t let this woman make a slice of toast without supervision.

Note to responsible dog re-homing and rescues. ¬†This is what you’re looking for.

Find one of these during a home visit assessment – pull your men outta there.


Journalist Shona Sibary defended her decision to sedate her children on long-haul flights to keep them quiet


'If the rescue centre finds out we have broken any terms of our contract (ie that we have a two-year-old), they have the right, with police force, to remove Juno and Albus from our care,' said Shona

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