Horse football

I get looks from the odd one or two that pass the paddock and see me kicking a giant football around with horses or bouncing one around on the ground / bouncing it off them but apart from being a great way to help with desensitisation and bomproofing it’s loads of fun.

Horses love having fun and if you know how to get them into that mindset and are experienced enough to keep yourself safe, they will be much better for having done a whole load of things like this.  May look and seem daft to some but I promise you – it does the world of good.

Don’t have any footage with ours because I’m always too busy watching what I’m doing to record but will get my daughter to video next time so I can share the story of two ponies few people dared get anywhere near and how having a whale of a time spent on this sort of nonsense went a long way.

Top tip:  Exercise or Yoga balls are much cheaper and last longer than expensive ones you can by for horses.  My husband bought me a Horseman’s Pride Jolly Ball for nearly £60 and it lasted less than 1 hour.   The two I bought online for £10 each are still up and running.

Track of the day

Music is a huge part of my life and every day without fail there will be a song going round in my head which everyone is forced to listen to me sing until either I get fed up or another one replaces it.

Thought I’d share the love of today which is “Aye Calypso the places you’ve been to, the things that you’ve shown us, the stories you tell… Aye Calypso I sing to your spirit, the men who have served you so long and so well… ADEYAAAYY-HEE!!

John Denver – Calypso

Dear God…

I’m sorry but I just had to kill one of your wasps with WD40 and don’t feel I should be judged too harshly.

One of those bastard things stung my dog the other day and the one I just sent your way came hurtling in through a window and attacked me.

WD40 was the nearest and only thing I had for protection.



Not likely to be a Grandmother…

My 19yr old daughter went along as a “helper” on a primary school school trip at which her boyfriend’s Mother is a teacher.

It was a day at Brockholes nature reserve in Lancashire and I’m told offered a fun-filled day of activities such as dam-building, bushcraft skills and walks in beautiful ancient woodland learning about all aspects of wildlife and spotting various different flowers, birds and insects along the way.

When asked how she got on during her day as a “Miss” she replied it was loads of fun but the kids weren’t half annoying as hell and made her feel certain she doesn’t want kids.

“I had “The wheels on the bus go round and round.. round and round” aaaaall the friggin way there with sounds of sweet wrappers, inhalers being sprayed and the odd kid throwing up into a bag and then even though they had ace activities to enjoy all they could do was whine and complain to me about shit like “Miss… Miss she’s stolen my stick!   Miss!” and I’m there thinking “We’re in the middle of a fucking forest you bell-end shut up and get another one!!”

Doubt I need worry about being a Grandmother just yet.

Image result for kids annoying

A slice of Heaven

Newly acquired land just a two minute walk from home which has been empty for a while now so is in need of some TLC but nothing over and above just a good sort out tidy. It’s set to one side of a small family owned farm and behind the main gate has its own private yard area, stables currently set up for two horses or ponies and a large paddock currently overgrown and filled with buttercups and daisies.

When you park yourself in the middle of the paddock the only noise you hear is that of swallows flying past your head and swooping in and out of the stables, the odd field mouse and occasional shouting and bawling of geese and chickens or bleating or sheep on the other side of the farm.

The only other thing to disturb the peace is the sound of my two dogs play-fighting and chasing each other around the place like a couple of idiots but otherwise it’s a slice of Heaven.

Being married to a design engineer that specialises in solar power and energy renewable systems has its benefits in that my husband is installing solar panels to the stable roof and fixing the place up so we always clean fresh running water and security lighting / CCTV that allows me to view and monitor things from home. LED fairy sights and solar powered sheep are currently in place and brightening up the place after dark so we’re getting there.

Hopefully and before too much longer it will be home to a couple of horses one of which I aim to help teach my daughter the art of tackless riding.

Doesn’t look much now but this place is a slice of Heaven.

Meadow from endStableFieldStable bunting

Fleet puddi field

sheep solar