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Short and not so sweet

Less than a month after my excited post about having Cassi coming to live with me for good, my little friend died in my arms on Monday 31 October 2016.

Having been unwell for some time, she stopped eating or drinking and was rapidly losing weight then – not happy waiting for a routine appointment I took her to the out of hours emergency vets where she collapsed in a heap on the waiting room floor.

She was admitted for emergency treatment and spent two days having inpatient treatment including IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-sickness medication and came home with two different courses of oral antibiotics but despite our best efforts and round the clock care, prompts to eat, drink and get medication into her, Cass just looked like she’d given up and was out of fight.

Knew she was unlikely to kick the mystery illness when there was very little improvement to her health overall despite intensive treatment and when she needed coaxing and prompting just to eat small amounts, drink little sips or even go outside for wee but on Monday morning, she collapsed again almost out of nowhere, couldn’t stand or sit upright and just constantly wobbled and fell onto her side.

I grabbed and put her straight into the car, floored it to the vets and carried her inside already suspecting if not knowing what was coming and sure enough, the news was bleak and my suspicions confirmed.

With Cassi rapidly deteriorating in front of us, the vet and I agreed it would be in her best interests to be put to sleep and minutes later she dropped of peacefully to sleep aged 8yrs and 6-months.

Devastated to have lost my little friend and angry that she didn’t get to enjoy her retirement here with us as planned but relieved to have been with her and seen her through to the end.

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K9 Anti-bark collars…anyone??

Anyone know whether the reviews I keep reading really are from actual genuine customers or if its just the company bumping and promoting it?

Seriously.   I need to know.





Moving from a house to an apartment called for changes because now I have to be considerate of my close neighbors every time my pup would bark or whine. I definitely didn’t want to purchase a shock collar so I felt a vibration collar would be ideal for my 10 lb maltese mix pup. I […]

via Excessive barking be gone! — Our K9

Is no child safe on Halloween???

**Warning graphic content**

This was found inside a Twix given to a four year old child last night which could easily have been swallowed. Parents please be alert and check all chocolates and treats this Halloween as some as contain guns.  GUNS ARE NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN TO EAT!!!



“Proper” dog people are weird sometimes…

Have seen this video before but someone reposted it along with the hundreds and hundreds of comments from “experts” in all shapes and sizes remarking on its disobedience.

“Why did the dog behave that way?” 

“What could and would have prevented such naughtiness?”

“What should the young handler have done sooner?”

“Isn’t this the most appalling obedience work you have ever seen in your entire human life???”

Me – “He didn’t savage orphans or rip apart newborn kittens for goodness sake… He just had one of those days where you fancy panic gulping a load of treats before someone pulls you away”

Insert 9642 replies telling me I clearly have no idea about dogs and how to train them.

Now I’m laughing at how furious they are about me laughing at this dog?!



Yeah.. I’ve no idea.



Puddi and Cass

Best pals and buddies.

Both mental beyond belief.

Both now officially mine.