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K9 Anti-bark collars…anyone??

Anyone know whether the reviews I keep reading really are from actual genuine customers or if its just the company bumping and promoting it?

Seriously.   I need to know.





Moving from a house to an apartment called for changes because now I have to be considerate of my close neighbors every time my pup would bark or whine. I definitely didn’t want to purchase a shock collar so I felt a vibration collar would be ideal for my 10 lb maltese mix pup. I […]

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Is no child safe on Halloween???

**Warning graphic content**

This was found inside a Twix given to a four year old child last night which could easily have been swallowed. Parents please be alert and check all chocolates and treats this Halloween as some as contain guns.  GUNS ARE NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN TO EAT!!!



“Proper” dog people are weird sometimes…

Have seen this video before but someone reposted it along with the hundreds and hundreds of comments from “experts” in all shapes and sizes remarking on its disobedience.

“Why did the dog behave that way?” 

“What could and would have prevented such naughtiness?”

“What should the young handler have done sooner?”

“Isn’t this the most appalling obedience work you have ever seen in your entire human life???”

Me – “He didn’t savage orphans or rip apart newborn kittens for goodness sake… He just had one of those days where you fancy panic gulping a load of treats before someone pulls you away”

Insert 9642 replies telling me I clearly have no idea about dogs and how to train them.

Now I’m laughing at how furious they are about me laughing at this dog?!



Yeah.. I’ve no idea.



Puddi and Cass

Best pals and buddies.

Both mental beyond belief.

Both now officially mine.





Fortnight with Cass

Haven’t posted about Cass for nearly two years but as of today, she’s now living with me forever and ever yay!!

Brother’s circumstances / home situation changed and meant he needed to rehome her which was a no-brainer really.

She showed up this morning and will be appearing in many undignified pictures before long I’m sure.


Further adventures with mental dog during her two-week stay.

Cass in blanket

Cass and defender

cass under cover

cass and horse

cass and ball

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Life with Asperger’s: Employment – OriginalRetrophiliac

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Anonymously Autistic

Being in the modern work place makes me feel like a fish out of water. Florescent light bulbs, humming air conditioners on the roof above my desk, constant ringing of phones, and people randomly interrupting my work to ask me questions.

Networking events and social expectations. Corporate culture an professionalism are minefields that I have to work thorough everyday with great effort.  By the time I get home I am so worn out that I can barely think straight.

Starting a new job is always the hardest because I have to learn a new routine. I definitely prefer to have the same days off and same schedule every week because I have chronic insomnia and sleeping at the same time every day is the best medicine for this particular problem.

Having a full time job is hard but so is being unemployed although most days when I go to the…

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