Horses in winter

Me last week “Naww I’m horse free this winter…. 😦 miss those ponies”

Me this morning “Thank FU@K I’m horse free this winter”

Was only telling someone yesterday about how I won’t miss the horrible cold, wet, mud, sludge and freezing cold mornings trying to thaw frozen pipes and remembering what was an absolutely infuriating battle of wits  going on between me and a horse that refused to be warm and comfortable.

Drove me nuts honestly he ruined every winter turnout rug, managed to get the entire thing off with buckles and belts still fastened and then literally left a huge pile of shit on top just to make sure I knew what he thought of that £80 rug I’d just bought him to replace the previous umpteen he also trashed.

We are not alone.  (“Who can say where the road goes…?”)


Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Tennis balls, Amy M. Reade and Orly — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

I have a bit of a thing for tennis balls. I know you might not have noticed, but it is true. She is pretty good at throwing them for me, and keeps me well supplied, but no matter how many balls I have in the toy box, there is only ever one ball in play. […]

via Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Tennis balls, Amy M. Reade and Orly — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

The Perfect Boarding Kennels

Often think (as do we all) what I’d do with a lottery win or otherwise massive cash bonus that would allow us the dream home, land, stables and possibly boarding kennels and holiday homes for a small number of friendly dogs.

Trouble is I don’t do kennels as such and if I were building my own I’d want them to feel as less “kennel” as possible – kind of like indoor stables with lush accessories and comfort.

Then I discovered this beauty and figured it’s perfect.

I’d add a small USB port for music playlists any doggos particularly love to chill out and relax / sleep to.

 Luxury Boarding Kennel - Large Room Guest dogs would sleep in these ‘ere quarters at night with soft lighting and comforts but with constant access to an outdoor area through the back.

First thing it’d be up and outside in the garden / grounds / woodland walks or just a regular doss, mooch, sniff and pee whichever.

Would have an indoor doggy play area, fun agility course and if funds stretched that far I’d even build a little pool for fun and hydrotherapy

Can just imagine my two absolutely whacked from a hard day’s playing, peeing, eating a good bowl of grub then curling up / getting into the typical collie sprawl with all four legs up in the air like they’re being dropped from a cliff and snoozing happily all night to Skyrim.

Now all I need is the cash to make it happen…



Drums please!!

Well it’s absolutely SHITTING it down with sideways rain and job lot.  Had to rescue my wheelie bins not once but twice already.

So we’re grounded which means doing indoorsy type stuff which means I’m tackling the house for the pre-Christmas clean up.

Jives always an essential requirement and the more drums the better.

I rescued the wheelie bins to the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Escapes soundtrack usually reserved for catching ponies that don’t want to come in from summer turnout complete with mud and camouflage hiding out in the bushes just waiting for the unsuspecting ponies to pass before shouting “GATE!!!!” to a fellow comrade and trapping le petite shits…Mwwwahh!!

Rediscovered this one from the opening of London 2012 Olympics.

Then ended up at the Warriors theme which incidentally was the track I learned to play drums to back in the day.

So without further ado and with shit all else to do – I give you drums.