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Giddy Pony

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Nothing better than dogs and ponies when they get a completely giddy head on and go mental.

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Puddi Pics

Innocent Puddi

Puddi Versus Surgical Glove

Puddi gloves

After breaking into my tack box / grooming kit 

Puddi tack box

Giant Puddi Versus Tank 


Terminator Puddi


Sleeping Puddi

puddi sleep

Puddi Versus Hoop


Evil stare Puddi


“Butter wouldn’t melt” Puddi

Puddi sam

Punk Rocker Puddi


Piss-wet through Puddi

Puddi wet

Little Shit Puddi


Bargains Galore

On my life, these items have been just posted for sale on local “Buy & Sell” pages and I’ve been crying with laughter for the last ten minutes straight.

Michael Jackson Teddy



Daughter in a cage

It’s important that people know she actually climbed inside the cage herself and sat quietly waiting for someone to come in and admire her work.

My bosom doth swell with pride

My bosom doth swell with pride

New Family Member

So after a lot of discussion and thoughts on whether or not we should; a fifth member of the family will be joining us from next week.

She’s a long-haired border collie from a farm in Yorkshire and likely to take up a few posts over the coming weeks and months.

Meet “Puddi” 


Christmas with Cass

She’s at ours again.

My daughter is loving having little photo shoot sessions using props from whatever happens to be lying around.

Poor Cass doth disapprove.

Cass drug dealer

Drug Dealer Cass.

cass under cover

ET / Stuck under a blanket Cass

Russian cass

Russian Cass

Cockney Cass

Cor Blimey Cockney Cass.

Oooohhh… take the shame fella. TAKE. THE. SHAME.

On a packed out train to Manchester at 9.00am, a guy in a suit and tie got on with his brief case and Starbucks coffee.   He stood there drenched in aftershave and his own self-importance,  eyeing people up and down in a judgmental way and then once he finished it, dumped his coffee cup on the floor by someone’s seat.

About ten minutes later as he was getting off, my fourteen year old son Sam gently tapped him on the arm, pointed over to the floor and politely said “Excuse me? You’ve forgotten your coffee”

Getting pulled up for littering by a beanie-hat-wearing teenage lad looked as though it burned like acid.

Absolutely splendid.

Sam beer


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