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Puddi bow tie


Just one more game…

Gamer puddi

Happiest Thing Ever


This is actually THE happiest, most heart-warming video I have ever seen.

We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be…

Farmer on Puddi being a multi-purpose dog –
“D’you know you could do anything you want to do wi’ that little dog? You could aye… work; trials; sports – owt you wanted”

Me to the Bugsy Malone track “Give a little Love” and doing a little dance with Puddi)
“We could’a been anything that we wanted to be.. Yes that decision is ours… It’s been decided, we’re weaker divided… Let friendship double up our powers!!”

Farmer smirking and shaking his head –
“Cant decide whether that dog is lucky or wants tekkin off ya before it’s completely tapped”



Spot the puddiFinding and rolling in shit on first walk when it’s still dark and hard to keep an eye on her is Puddi’s favourite thing.

She’s sneaky-arsed too and casually trots ahead like she’s doing nothing wrong and then next thing I hear happy groaning and sex noises and I know she’s writhing around in some foul, repulsive shit and it’s already too late.

Sneaking off and hiding in the grass is what she does the second it dawns on her she’ll have to settle up in cash.

She’s not somewhere in this photo covered in foul smelling stuff and hiding in the grass to avoid getting a full top-to-toe or anything.  Honest.

Happy 1st Birthday


Puddi preston

Best Pals and Buddies with Puddi

Puddi is nine months old now and despite the tantrums, stress, worries I’d really ballsed things up by getting a Border Collie – we’re safe and now officially best pals and buddies.

Will follow up later on but for now; a few current photos of her and all that bat-shit mental glory.


Puddi cass sofa

Pud and cass sofa 1


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