Flat out galloping

Told my daughter to wind the car window down and stick her head out so she could get the full flat out galloping racehorse experience.

Her official verdict – “SHITTING HELL THAT’S FAST”

Funny enough it is yeah. Ooh and maybe (maybe) that’s why they’re called racehorses and not slow ponies? Ahhh now that’d make sense


This is Love

Valentine’s card from my husband which he drew because I told him not to buy me a card.

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Tremendous Tipper Wheelbarrows

Met a new farmer friend yesterday and mentioned us not having too much stuff to bring when we move in my little pony just the basics, essential yard tools… have a nice shiny big wheelbarrow but if they’d rather not be cluttered up with everyone’s own I’ll use whatever is going no fussy.

And then behold the tremendousness of the tipper wheelbarrow of which I had never known, seen or heard until that moment.

“These are belting you just fill it up, tip the bugger upside down and flip it back after saves your back and loads of time… Use this ‘un you’re reight as long as you swill it and put it back when you’ve finished you’re welcome to it…”

Related image



Related image

Guess who’s gonna be sat in that barrow with the dogs being pushed round the farm by my teeny-tiny 19yr old daughter?


Another low blow to the shamed sheepdog

It’s exactly a year to the day we brought home Fleet after he failed to do the one job for which he was born and bred.

And as if the shame of being a failed sheepdog weren’t enough I had an email from the farmer to say Fleet’s brother – from the same litter – just sold at auction for £2,500


You’re a disgrace Fleety-boi an absolute disgrace but it’s good for us you brought shame to the family name and breed itself.    Wouldn’t have you otherwise.

Fleet daft face

Is Music is a universal language, a form of communication or both?

Will pick this up again later because it’s a brilliant post with lots of brilliant points and various different things I want to touch on further but for now – sharing post in its entirety.


Is music is a universal language? With music you can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in ways that you can’t with ordinary languages like English or French. Every human culture has music, just as each has language. So it’s true that music is a universal feature of the human experience. At the same time, […]

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