Music is Powerful

via A song that you will never be sick of listening to — Middle of nowhere femme

Following on from the above post I’ve been considering music that can change everything.

Skyrim is the best soundtrack to any videogame or movie bar none.  It’s brilliant.

It takes you from super calm, relaxing tracks such as “From Past to Present” and “Streets of Whiterun” that bring the best mental images of a calm peaceful Heavenly place.

Then it jolts you out from being sleepy chilled with “Death or Sovngarde” which can make anything seem epic if you set it to this music.  Could have a video of a dog taking a shit and it would be tremendous as fuck if you played this alongside it.

My husband has no musical interests whatsoever the poor bloke just puts up with his wife and kids being very much so and lives amongst the mountain of instruments that leave our house looking more like a recording studio than family home.

He didn’t get what I loved about live music but as ever was good enough to book tickets for us to see the Philharmonic perform a movie theme night for my birthday.

When they played “Mars” I saw him shift in his seat and when it hit “that bit” he slid down in his seat like he was scared shitless cos it was super loud, super intense and the brass reverberated right through you.

That’s when he got it.

Music is powerful.


Arrivals and Departures

We had two new arrivals recently (well three if you count the horse we inherited with land we took on)

First one is 15.2hh Appaloosa gelding and former endurance horse “Razzle” who is now kicking back and doing shit all with us now he’s retired.


Razz teeth

Second arrival is 11.2hh Welsh Sec A “Sparky” who doesn’t care for anything but eating and doing as little as possible.   Sadly he was mistreated and abused something shocking by former owners (before the lady we got him from I mean) and it shows. Nervous, skittish and easily startled but cheeky, inquisitive and very mischievous with it I have noticed.

His wish to live a life as easy going and laid back as possible was granted so he’s with us as a companion pony only.    The laziest-arsed pony I ever met.  Eats grass lying down cos it’s too much like hard work standing up for the job…

Sparky grass


Sparks eating Razz unimpressed

Snowflakes at stable doors1

Also had a recent departure in the form of hamster “Frisbee” who cost us nearly £50 in vet bills the day before he decided to piss off and leave us for good.  He’s now buried in a quiet corner of the paddock which resembles something from Blair Witch Project cos my daughter is a weirdo.

RIP Frisbee Fat Bast

Frisbee blueberry

Image may contain: plant

Horse football

I get looks from the odd one or two that pass the paddock and see me kicking a giant football around with horses or bouncing one around on the ground / bouncing it off them but apart from being a great way to help with desensitisation and bomproofing it’s loads of fun.

Horses love having fun and if you know how to get them into that mindset and are experienced enough to keep yourself safe, they will be much better for having done a whole load of things like this.  May look and seem daft to some but I promise you – it does the world of good.

Don’t have any footage with ours because I’m always too busy watching what I’m doing to record but will get my daughter to video next time so I can share the story of two ponies few people dared get anywhere near and how having a whale of a time spent on this sort of nonsense went a long way.

Top tip:  Exercise or Yoga balls are much cheaper and last longer than expensive ones you can by for horses.  My husband bought me a Horseman’s Pride Jolly Ball for nearly £60 and it lasted less than 1 hour.   The two I bought online for £10 each are still up and running.

Track of the day

Music is a huge part of my life and every day without fail there will be a song going round in my head which everyone is forced to listen to me sing until either I get fed up or another one replaces it.

Thought I’d share the love of today which is “Aye Calypso the places you’ve been to, the things that you’ve shown us, the stories you tell… Aye Calypso I sing to your spirit, the men who have served you so long and so well… ADEYAAAYY-HEE!!

John Denver – Calypso