The original and best of misheard lyrics


Music and mismatches #2

Daughter’s boyfriend casually looking through my music collection whispered quietly to her “What the hell is wrong with your Mum?  She really listens to music like this? “MY ASS IS ON FIRE?”  There’s something wrong with your Mum… seriously”

Now listening to the album and track that left him most perplexed and I’m absolutely dying.  Everything after the five and half minute mark… I can’t breathe.

Welcome to the family fella.



My Dad was a big Chas and Dave fan and I’ve just been playing some of their stuff following a conversation elsewhere about different styles of playing the piano.

“Gertcha” makes me laugh and think of my Dad’s indecipherable grunts and sayings when he was cheesed off usually “Sithee!!” (See that / see there)

Cat that nicked the cooked chicken his wife had taken out the oven and left to cool on the side – “Bloody – sithee!!” followed immediately by him grabbing and trying to beat the cat to death with a brush.

Tyre with a slow puncture “Sithee!!!” with him pointing to make sure you knew what it was he was annoyed about.

A used tea-bag someone neglected to put in the bin “Sithee!!   Chuck the bugger when tha’s finished wi’ id!!”

Mention Foinaven’s Grand National win and oh God he’d nearly explode in a series of “Sithee!!  That bugger cost me some brass… Sithee!!  It were ready to drop deed before it geddin o’er t’ sodding fence!!  What a bloody donkey”

Borrowing the car

My husband has a Mitsubishi Outlander I’m not really supposed to drive but I wanted to so waited until he was upstairs in the bathroom then shouted up “Ermm.. just nipping to the shop won’t be long…  Taking your car I’ll be five mins” 

“Oi wait you better not -“

“Can’t hear you sorry only getting bread and milk I won’t be long”


There’s a theory you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their bookcase which made me glance over at the smallest bookshelf in our living room.

It does offer a random selection but there’s something there that offers insight into all four of us I think.