Hoping to hop on a flight and stay for 4-6 nights near Tenerife next month to visit relatives but also to help with the ongoing battle for info, photos and general observation of “Morgan” at Loro Parque 😦

Already reserved / pencilled in a few places that offer cheap B&B (cheapest is £240 for 6 nights which you can’t grumble at) but I’m sick of trawling websites now so figured I’d just ask here.

2 adults flying from Manchester nothing spectacular or worth writing home about just after somewhere to kip, have a few in the evening – ideally have a swim first thing in the morning too and not be that far out of the area so we can do the whole zoo / dolphin and orca shows over a few days then we’re not just blindingly obvious.

Goddammit the poor girl looks vacant and that bull’s dorsal fin… It’s beyond collapsed it’s full “Emo”




  1. Got 6 nights in a cheap, cheerful B&B just down the road for £280 inc flights. Winner winner chicken dinner 🙂

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