There’s bat-shit and BAT. SHIT.


2 Replies to “There’s bat-shit and BAT. SHIT.”

  1. Weird thing is how often this happens when someone is actually doing something in their own time and expense. I had similar with one complete fruit-loop who ended up slating and shaming and ripping into me like I’d just set fire to a kitten on Christmas morning.

    Offered to help because she’d been mercilessly picked on and bullied and banned from no less than four different care homes in 2yrs. You know straight away when FOUR places have banned her from the premises it’s probably gonna sway towards being HER problem but I played nice and tried to help.

    Utterly nuts she was sneaking into the grounds of the home that banned her and taking photographs of staff, residents, visitors, recording people who were nearing end of life then uploading all to Twitter and Facebook “FULL NAMES OF THESE SO CALLED CARERS!!!”

    Think that’s when we officially disagreed. Again I was polite and did it via private message but told her straight she cannot do that and to wind her neck in a bit.

    Got fed up in the end and told her she was a massive gigantic penis.

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