How’s that little dog getting on?

Ran into the farmer we re-homed a dog from after he showed zero shits, interest or inclination to work and he naturally asked how he was doing.

This guy is something of a big-wig in the world of sheepdogs and he’s a farmer with over a thousand sheep and ten dogs that work for him.

Great bloke and someone we got on well with straight away but he is not sentimental about his dogs.  He smirked and shook his head when we picked Fleet up to bring home because he could tell I would be a soft sod and let him get away with murder.

Trouble is after his gentleman plums were removed (much to the horror those that knew his lineage) he gained a little weight which is in hand already but I couldn’t for shame say he is a big fat-arsed sod and currently on a strict regime to shift the weight

“Errmm… He’s fine thanks yeah settled and coming on really well”



snow dog


Fleety big boy teeth

Joseph and dogs


Fleet legs


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