Dear God…

I’m sorry but I just had to kill one of your wasps with WD40 and don’t feel I should be judged too harshly.

One of those bastard things stung my dog the other day and the one I just sent your way came hurtling in through a window and attacked me.

WD40 was the nearest and only thing I had for protection.




4 Replies to “Dear God…”

  1. I went to confession last Sunday whilst I Was at church because I killed a wasp with the bible that was issued to me when I Was in boarding school, aged 6. I was told to say the Hail Mary 3 times so I think WD-40 will probably just require 1 Hail Mary. πŸ™‚

  2. At least he got his wasp back without any squeaks or stiffness. I must get some credit for that.

  3. Course he does – and I reckon he sent that fecker in from out of pitch blackness at daft o’clock for fun. Why else would a wasp fly in and attack me at that time?!

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