Not likely to be a Grandmother…

My 19yr old daughter went along as a “helper” on a primary school school trip at which her boyfriend’s Mother is a teacher.

It was a day at Brockholes nature reserve in Lancashire and I’m told offered a fun-filled day of activities such as dam-building, bushcraft skills and walks in beautiful ancient woodland learning about all aspects of wildlife and spotting various different flowers, birds and insects along the way.

When asked how she got on during her day as a “Miss” she replied it was loads of fun but the kids weren’t half annoying as hell and made her feel certain she doesn’t want kids.

“I had “The wheels on the bus go round and round.. round and round” aaaaall the friggin way there with sounds of sweet wrappers, inhalers being sprayed and the odd kid throwing up into a bag and then even though they had ace activities to enjoy all they could do was whine and complain to me about shit like “Miss… Miss she’s stolen my stick!   Miss!” and I’m there thinking “We’re in the middle of a fucking forest you bell-end shut up and get another one!!”

Doubt I need worry about being a Grandmother just yet.

Image result for kids annoying


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