A slice of Heaven

Newly acquired land just a two minute walk from home which has been empty for a while now so is in need of some TLC but nothing over and above just a good sort out tidy. It’s set to one side of a small family owned farm and behind the main gate has its own private yard area, stables currently set up for two horses or ponies and a large paddock currently overgrown and filled with buttercups and daisies.

When you park yourself in the middle of the paddock the only noise you hear is that of swallows flying past your head and swooping in and out of the stables, the odd field mouse and occasional shouting and bawling of geese and chickens or bleating or sheep on the other side of the farm.

The only other thing to disturb the peace is the sound of my two dogs play-fighting and chasing each other around the place like a couple of idiots but otherwise it’s a slice of Heaven.

Being married to a design engineer that specialises in solar power and energy renewable systems has its benefits in that my husband is installing solar panels to the stable roof and fixing the place up so we always clean fresh running water and security lighting / CCTV that allows me to view and monitor things from home. LED fairy sights and solar powered sheep are currently in place and brightening up the place after dark so we’re getting there.

Hopefully and before too much longer it will be home to a couple of horses one of which I aim to help teach my daughter the art of tackless riding.

Doesn’t look much now but this place is a slice of Heaven.

Meadow from endStableFieldStable bunting

Fleet puddi field

sheep solar


4 Replies to “A slice of Heaven”

  1. Oh it’s mint I love the place even in its current condition! Shaun lights up the yard area at night along with pretty LED fairy lights wrapped around the beams inside the stable. All this peace and quiet with room for two horses and for just £20 per week as well 🙂

  2. Also the plan is to have one horse for riding and a second companion pony – possibly a daft Shetland for trick-training and enjoying general nonsense with. Can’t beat having fun and being daft giddy with horses and ponies although not enough people take the time or realise the benefits.

  3. Well we ended up with an Appaloosa and a little Welsh pony instead of a Shetland but everything else pretty much as planned!

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