Swimming lessons

The weekend after he’d first moved in we took both dogs to the river behind our house for a swim.   Weather was gorgeous and Puddi loves to walk that way and have a swim most days if its fine so decided it was a good time to let Fleet see it for the first time and maybe get a paw wet.

Having been in that river most weeks since being 8-weeks old Puddi did her usual trick and once we were through that last field gate she set off at flat out gallop all the way down to the river with Fleet steaming closely behind and when Puddi just leapt off the side and landed halfway across making a bigger splash than a humpback – Fleet did too.

Trouble is I think he was expecting some sort of ground or harder surface because he had a sudden look of sheer panic all over his face that said “OMG the ground has vanished… THE GROUND HAS DISAPPEARED HELP!!!” and he panic swam in circles before working out how to steer himself back to the side.   Got out, shook off and decided that was loads of fun so got the zoomies on and sprinted the length of the riverbank stopping only to leap off again into the river and panicking before swimming back and so on.

Fleet river
When we got home later that evening I had an email from the farmer’s wife with some details needed to transfer his details and she asked how Fleet was settling in and if we had any problems so I sent her photos taken earlier that day at the river along with quite a few others to reassure her he was absolutely fine and not a bit of bother nor was he having a hard time adapting.

Fleet puddi river.jpg

Fleet river1.jpg

She replied “I’m so pleased he ended up going home with your family… He’s not a worker or what we wanted him for but he’s a nice dog and deserves a loving family that can give him a good life”

River pud


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