New family member “Fleet”

Fleet is an ISDS registered Border Collie who was born in June 2016 with just one job – to be a working sheepdog only things didn’t work out.

He was put up for sale online as an 8-month old by a farmer and leading sheepdog traillist that paid a small fortune for him as a puppy and we happened to stumble upon the advert and agreed to buy him within 24hrs.

Noticed some refererence to full titles and seemingly impressive bloodlines on the ad but didn’t take much notice because it makes little difference to us anyway and then when we got home and I had chance to look at his papers properly, I did a quick search on Google.

Turns out Fleet is the son of Ricky Hutchinson’s “Sweep” – currently one of the world’s best sheepdogs having won ten opens in the last two seasons.   He and Fleet’s Grandfather “Roy” have also competed and won the International Brace Championships together twice so God love him, Fleet was born into a world with high expectations but you can’t force what isn’t there so he made his way to us instead.

Until the day we met him at the farm,  Fleet had never seen toys before and didn’t know what to do with a tennis ball when we threw one for him.

He had developed compulsive circling from prolonged periods of confinement, lived outside in very small kennels and slept inside a hard plastic tub on a concrete floor with a concrete water bowl.   We knew that there was nothing about him we wouldn’t be able to manage and agreed to him coming home with us the same day.

Fleet sheep
A few of the 900+ sheep Fleet was supposed to work


Fleet kennel
Photo of Fleet cowering inside his kennel the day we first met him


Fleet scared
Cowering again once outside his kennel


Finger of death
Another bollocking


fleet and mark1
Fleet super excited to play with Puddi and Puddi with manic eyes that say she’s had enough.



Fleet and mark
Husband Mark looking really pissed off because Fleet wasn’t the nasty ass, vicious farm dog he half hoped he would be.. now we had to take him home



Ricky Hutchinson with Fleet’s Dad (Sweep) and Granddad (Roy) as featured on “One Man and His Dog”





One Reply to “New family member “Fleet””

  1. Reblogged this on Auntysocial and commented:
    Next weekend marks the 1st anniversary or “Gotcha day” for Fleet. This time last year I was agonising as to whether or not it was wise to bring home this little socially inept dog that needed completely re-training from scratch not to mention wondering how we would get him home or inside the house.

    Best risky decision and biggest chance we ever took 🙂

    And God Fleety-boy is the spitting image of his Dad 😮

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