Coming home

Fleet car ride

Fleet has his first ever car journey on Mother’s Day this year and did well in the car and again when he got home.

As expected he wasn’t keen to step inside the house but I kept him on a lead and just walked with and alongside him at his pace to let him sniff and decide where he wanted to go and how much he wanted to explore.

Took him nearly ten minutes to brave putting all four paws over the back patio doors and inside the house with the front half of his body halfway inside the kitchen and back legs stretched half a mile and still safely outside.

After ten mins of gentle prompting, Fleet stepped inside then tiptoed around the house stretching himself out a mile in-between each room to sniff at things and just see what was what. He got as far as in-between the front and living room – stood up to investigate the piano but his paw pressed the lower keys and he quickly trotted back to the safety of outside.

Fortunately it was a lovely afternoon with lots of bright sunshine so we just sat outside chatting and letting him play with toys or nip in and out of the house if he wanted to (he did from time to time) but the first thing I wanted to do was walk him outside and around the immediate area so that if he got loose or lost he could at least find his way back.

Halfway round the first walk my husband appeared with our eldest dog Puddi and we took them into a side paddock which was empty and let them both loose to run and play and get to know each other.

Fleet chasing Puddi

Fleet really curious about everything and even trotted up to the top part of the field seemingly curious about the horses but came straight back when called, had excellent recall and was no problem at all.

When we got home I turned on the TV and muted the volume whilst he was outside so it was already on when he came in as having never been in a house before he’d experienced all the normal sights, sounds and smells of indoors.

Fleet puddi
Fleet looking unsure about the square box with people stuck inside


Didn’t notice the TV for a good few minutes and when he did it just made his ears prick and he carried on his way and didn’t seem fussed. Very gradually increased the volume over the next hour or two and some adverts and music from game shows made his ears prick and his head tilt but he pretty much took it in his stride.


Fleet and Sam
Making a new friend in Sam


Fleet roll1


Later that evening he seemed to start feeling anxious when it stared to get dark as I had closed the back doors and he no doubt felt trapped and unsure so I placed a large foam bed by the doors and another inside the living room so he at least had the option to choose.

He spent all night asleep with my daughter and she ended up with the worst case of pins and needles know to man.

Fleet legs


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