Muddy Puddi

Puddi pics (now 7 months old) taken by my 17yr old daughter Hannah.

We’ve come a long way these last five months or so and gone from having a dog that detested rain and jumped over puddles to one that’s become a water fiend / swims like an Olympic champion and roams woods and dense forests to find muddy swamps she can dig in and generally get as shit up as physically possible.









3 Replies to “Muddy Puddi”

  1. Yep, remember the day well. Hated water until one very hot summers day someone threw me ball into the river. After that no looking back, love it! Forests, well I have one out my front door so I’m lucky. Cant get enough of it.


  2. She’s still too young for the agility beginners class at the local dog school but has been booked in to start at the end of next month. In the meantime however; I’ve discovered that taking her up to the local children’s playground at 5am when we won’t disturb or bother anyone offers an excellent little agility course of our own. Wobbly bridges and seesaws and tyre swings and newly planted trees that act as makeshift weaving poles etc. Well away already!

  3. A fellow dog walker stopped me yesterday and went “I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’ve seen your youngster swimming back and forth in the river a few times and wondered how you got it in to start with? Mine hasn’t swam in a river once in 10yrs and won’t go near”

    “No mine wasn’t keen either to start with so I just got my wellies on; carried her in the river and carefully plonked her down in it. She’d no choice but to paddle or be swept downstream and out to sea. Probably a mean thing to do I guess but sometimes you have it to do” 😀

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