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Flight MH370 and Sensitive Journalists

March 8, 2014

As if they haven’t enough to contend with this morning, relatives of the passengers on Flight MH370 are now being hounded by the world’s media.

It takes a special kind of someone to chase these people through the airport and to a nearby hotel in the hope of getting some really good grief shots of their devastation and total despair.

Seriously. Makes my piss boil.

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  1. I recall in 1990 a huge earthquake hit the northern tip of the Philippines. There was a journalist so eager to cover the wreckage so armed with a cameraman, a microphone and live satellite feed, he crouched down to the boy trapped in between two slabs of concrete and emphatically asked, “How are you feeling right now?”

    That journalist was never seen on that news network again. But then, I barely turn on the television.

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