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Was just trying to convince a friend that this, my first car – was something to behold and a thing of beauty. Sent him this to show him how ace it was and then clocked the seats around the 40 second mark.

They put that in the ad.   They actually put the piss-stained, ripped interior in their video ad.

That’s outstanding.

Police chief set to become “beautiful butterfly”

He’s taken management advice so the whole issue of him being a controlling, narcissistic bully and prick of the absolute  highest order is a thing of the past.

Peter Davies’ beautiful new colours

Bit brown isn't it?

Give him chance.    I know he doesn’t look much now but give him chance…

Fortnight with Cass

Further adventures with mental dog during her two-week stay.

Cass in blanket

Cass and defender

cass under cover


cass and horse



cass and ball

Air Bucket Challenge

I’ve decided to mash things up and do my bit my bit for charity via a slightly different route.

It’s better than the original idea.

It’s just as meaningful if not more so and hopefully, far more absurd.

It’s nowhere near as wasteful.

It’s better than the original idea.

I bring you *Drum roll*

“Air Bucket Challenge for Water Aid”

challenge accepted

The Red Book

One sunny day when Jung was twelve, he was traversing the Munsterplaz in Basel, admiring the sun shining on the newly restored glazed roof tiles of the cathedral. He then felt the approach of a terrible, sinful thought which he pushed away.

He was in a state of anguish for several days. Finally, after convincing himself that was God who wanted him to think this thought, just as it had been God who had wanted Adam and Eve to sin, he let himself contemplate it and saw God on his throne unleashing an almighty turd on the cathedral, shattering its new roof and smashing the cathedral. With this Jung felt a sense of bliss and relief such as he had never experienced before”

- From “The Red Book” by C.J Jung

I’ve been laughing so hard and for so long over this it’s ridiculous.

The Red Book


The Washing Machine

Yesterday I had the pleasure of explaining an “automatic washing machine” to a 90 year old lady. She was genuinely amazed to learn about a machine that has different settings, reaches different temperatures and washes everything thoroughly before draining all the water out and with just the touch of a button.

This is just one of the many reasons I love old people.

Antique Washing Machine


Chief NHS Penis

nhs penis

As if his words might not do the trick, Mr Stevens (Penis of the Highest Order) opted to appear as though rolling with laughter at having his blood pressure checked.



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